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Winner of the Interpreter of the Year 2010

Posted by Programs Manager On 15:52

From left to right: Board Member, Patricia
den Boer; Volunteer, Lorne Beaton; Education
Manger, heather Montgomery. 2011

Volunteers are nominated and awarded by staff and Board Members for their efforts at the Annual General. This year, Board Member, Patricia den Boer presented the Volunteer Recognition awards for 2010. The Interpreter of the Year Award is given each year to a volunteer who has shown dedication and excellence in the role of volunteer Museum Interpreter.

Lorne Beaton has been an interpreter at the Diefenbunker for over 5 years, but he’s been around for much longer than that. He was here in 1995 to visit the Bunker and sign the petition to save it. If you’ve ever had the privilege to join Lorne’s tour, he always tells the story of how he purchased an original Diefenchunk after his first visit.

Lorne’s Tuesday afternoon tour doesn’t miss a single detail. In fact, he spent two years following his brother Doug’s tour before letting himself give one. He wanted to make sure that he had it perfect - that he could answer every question. If you walk by Lorne’s tour group, you’re sure to find the visitors eagerly asking him questions. His amazing amount of knowledge about the details of the Diefenbunker makes him an invaluable resource for visitors and for us.

Above that, Lorne is always around to lend a hand, be it a last minute tour, answering questions, or helping with safety procedures. Showing up to every tour with a smile on his face and patiently answering every question are what make Lorne Beaton the Diefenbunker’s Interpreter of the Year for 2010.