Up to date information on the comings and goings in The Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum. Also a behind the scenes look at how the museum operates and how the museum team is working after our capacity expansion project to which grew our capacity from 60 to 420 in July 2010!

New for Summer 2010

Posted by Eric Espig On 13:08

"I am excited to announce that on June 28th, 2010, the Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum opens its doors for self-guided tours and an "interesting" dining experience! Having completed our $1.65 million fire retrofit, we can now bring almost 500 people into our unique historic site. Please join us on the 28th for the launch of our multi-language audio/video  tour, our visitor guide, our new interactive website, Project Rustic: Journey to the Diefenbunker, and the opening of the Federal Warning Centre and CanX, a canteen that serves the "best" in meal replacement kits! We will have 2 for 1 admission on that day as well as prizes and discounts for our museum store. This day represents the fulfillment of a dream for the Diefenbunker not to mention a lot of hard work and support by many people and organizations."

Alexandra Badzak     
Executive Director   

Project Rustic: Journey to the Diefenbunker

Investigate the global events that helped shape our past with the Cold War Timeline, become a undercover KGB spy working in the bunker trying to communicate with the Kremlin, or spend some time on the outside helping retrieve the much needed radiation sniffer. Whatever task you choose, remember, your country and fellow Canadians are counting on you to help make the right decision...

Project Rustic: Journey to the Diefenbunker is an interactive website that encourages Canadians to learn about the Continuity of Government Program and the role of the Central Emergency Government Headquarters in Canada during the height of the Cold War. This project has a youth focus and uses humour and popular culture references to draw participants into a dark period in Canada's history.

The Diefenbunker Museum wishes to thank the Government of Canada's Heritage Department through the Canadian Studies Program for their support of this project.

Audio/Video Tour

audio guide
We are excited to launch the new Audio/Video tour of the Diefenbunker! The 31 track self-guided tour leads visitors through the museum with the use of MP4 players and corresponding directional signage and visitor guide. The audio/video tour includes footage of the Bunker construction and operations shortly after its completion in 1961.
Approximately 1 hour in length, the audio/video tour is included in the price of admission and will also be available for download for use on visitors' personal media players and smart phones. 25 MP4 players are also available at the museum admissions in the former guard house to loan to self-guiding visitors.

Visitor Management System

Due to an anticipated increase in our attendance, the Diefenbunker has adopted a visitor management software and hardware package from Vantix into our operations. We are now able to integrate our box office, group reservations, room rentals, public programs, membership and store sales into one system both on site and on-line. The Diefenbunker staff can now simultaneously process fees, track tour bookings, market programs and products and receive important statistical reports that provides us with valuable information on our visitors' needs and wants. Not only will this visitor management package increase our operational efficiency, it will also connects us to a local and global audience by providing store products and tickets for sale online. 

The Diefenbunker Museum wishes to thank the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Culture though the Museum and Technology fund for their support of this project.

The new ticket, pictured above, is also a nice souvenir featuring various 36 bunker images.


Get ready to experience the Bunker as never before. Military style meal replacements are available for purchase and consumption in the Diefenbunker cafeteria. Now visitors can experience how Bunker residents would have eaten during the later stages of a 30 day lockdown. Spaghetti, chili, vegetarian lasagna, various deserts, "Soldier Fuel"  and  beverage service will begin in the cafeteria. Full "Meal Replacement Kits" will also be available for purchase to bring home and eat in your own fall out shelter within the next 4 years.