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The Cold War in an Hour: iPhone App

Posted by Eric Espig On 13:26

From iTunes preview:

"History In An Hour" is a series of e-books to help the reader learn the basic facts of a given subject area with as little effort as possible. During the Second World War, for example, exactly what was Dunkirk about, or the Normandy Landings? During the Cold War, what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis, why was there a wall in Berlin? It's all here in a straight narrative. No embedded links to divert your attention, nor a daunting book of 600 pages with a 35 page introduction. Just straight in, to the point, sixty minutes, done. Then, having absorbed the basics, you may feel inspired to explore further. Quick, easy-to-read and engaging history... ebooks to read in an hour.
*The Cold War In An Hour* is the first title in the History In An Hour series to be turned into an iPhone app.

Download the app here: 
The Cold War in an Hour