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Audio/Video Tour Update - We need your help!

Posted by Eric Espig On 10:42

Do you know someone who may be interested in narrating our audio guide in their native language? This is  a great opportunity to be a part of Canadian history as well helping to make our heritage accessible to recent immigrants and international tourist. The recording session will take approximately 5 hours. Successful applicants will receive $100 in compensation. contact e.espig@diefenbunker.ca for details.


The launch of the new audio/video self-guided tour of the Diefenbunker is June 28, 2010.  This will mark the first time in the history of the formerly top-secret bunker that the public will be granted unaccompanied access to the museum. The audio/video tour will be available free of charge via download from our website, download from our WiFi network on site, or you can borrow one of our MP4 players if you don't have a smart phone or iPod type device.