Up to date information on the comings and goings in The Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum. Also a behind the scenes look at how the museum operates and how the museum team is working after our capacity expansion project to which grew our capacity from 60 to 420 in July 2010!

Photography Tours in The Bunker

Posted by Eric Espig On 11:37

Photo: Paul Galipeau 11/2009

Over the past month and some of the upcoming ones, photographers are documenting the popular areas of the Bunker as well as some of the hidden ones. The photographers are donating their valuable skills and artistic visions to help us build an anthology of striking and visually stunning photographs.  The goal is to curate from these photos an exhibition of Bunker Photography and publish them in a coffee table book of bunker history juxtaposed with artistic imagery.

So far the Bunker has hosted: RĂ©mi Theriault, Paul Galipeau, David Forcier, and Pierre Richardson

You may view some of the sample/recon photos on their Flickr pages, and here is a link to the slideshow that David put together, Amazing!