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Rex Zero Headquarters! Now Open!

Posted by Eric Espig On 13:36

On Novemeber 9 we officially opened the cool new Exhibit/Interactive space in the Bunker devoted to Elementary-aged students. The space's design is taken from the pages of award wining author Tim Wynne-Jones' Rex Zero series of books. Rex Zero stories are set in Ottawa, Canada during the early 1960s and Tim's attention to detail in describing Rex's world made it easy for us to re-imagine his bedroom, his classroom, and key Ottawa landmarks from that time period.

We were happy to have Tim with us at the opening which (not so coincidentally) coincided with the launch of his brand new Rex Zero novel, Rex Zero, The Great Pretender. he read from both his first and new book to the inaugural class to workshop with us in the space - The grade 5ers from St Michael Corkery Catholic School.

Listen to Tim and host Alan Neal talk about the space and Tim read from his new book on CBC`s All In A Day: Best of All In A Day, Nov 9, 2009