Up to date information on the comings and goings in The Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum. Also a behind the scenes look at how the museum operates and how the museum team is working after our capacity expansion project to which grew our capacity from 60 to 420 in July 2010!

From October 5 - 7 the Diefenbunker hosted the 2009 National Historic Site Alliance of Ontario Conference. There were some very interesting, stimulating and memorable moments brought forward from the 16 guest speakers and panelists. We recorded the audio of almost all of the presentations and hope to have some available for download in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy some snapshots from the event! piuctured: Alan Latourelle, CEO Parks Canada
"Telling Old Stories with New Voices": A thought provoking and interesting combination of new approaches to historical interpretation and statistical data. Chair: Mike Sawchuck - Ontario Heritage Trust, Panelist: Charles Smith - Researcher and Consultant; Del Muise - Professor Emeritus Carleton University

CBC Radio's Darrell Dennis, the host of ReVision Quest. The First Nations celebrity comic, actor and writer entertained and enlightened the crowd as the Keynote Speaker of the conference.

Conference attendees and one of many round table discussions which took place in the Diefenbunker cafeteria.

"Conserving the Modern in a Disposable Age"  
Panel: Andrew Waldon - Canadian Registrar of Historic Places; Scott Williams - Senior Conservation Scientist, Canadian Conservation Institute; Julian Smith - Executive Director, Willowbank School of Restoration Arts


Cultural Resource Management 101 presented by "Heritage Warrior" Dr. Paul Couture of Parks Canada.


The Diefenbunker Vice-President and star Volunteer Interpreter: Brian Jeffrey.