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Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2010

Posted by Programs Manager On 15:05

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a volunteer for a long term contribution and dedication to the value of the museum.With this award, the Diefenbunker extends a Life Membership to each individual. This year, the Diefenbunker congratulated two recipients and thanked them for their immense contributions: Gail Baird and Brian Jeffrey.

At the Diefenbunker, Gail Baird's name is synonymous with professionalism and detail to attention. She provided professional services on a volunteer basis to maintain and enhance the operations and facility of the Diefenbunker, for which such work would normally have meant significant costs to the organization.

Gail joined the Board in April 2003 and resigned in 2010. During that time, as President of Creative Bound, she was the key person who drove the production of the “On Tour” book. Without her knowledge and help it would never have been as successful as it has been.

In addition, Gail with Dixie Trenholm organized the initial tours of the bunker on behalf of the West Carleton Library System. Together, they raised more than $227,000 from tours in a space of some three weeks.

Unfortunately, Gail was unable to attend the AGM and accept her award in person.

It’s hard for anyone to remember a time at the Diefenbunker without Brian Jeffrey. Brian has been involved in the Bunker is a myriad of ways almost since the beginning. For many years, you could always find Brian here on Tuesday nights, Sunday afternoons and for every Board meeting.

Brian Jeffrey compiled the first comprehensive version of the Guide’s Guide to the Diefenbunker. This required a great amount of work, timing the tour, keeping track of points of interest and compiling all the information. He has trained and helped to train dozens of guides and interpreters. He has given countless tours – on public tours, special events and even last minute group tours.

Brian started the Volunteer Radio Group and helped acquired much of the equipment currently used in the Radio room. He coordinated and encouraged volunteer involvement in the Bunker for years. Amongst all of this, Brian was also the Vice President of the Board of Directors for several years.

Brian has been a constant presence in the Bunker, helping out with odd jobs wherever he can, from tours to maintenance projects to restoring furniture. That’s why we were honoured to award Brian Jeffrey with a Diefenbunker Lifetime Achievement Award.